See a Medical Marijuana Doctor in Los Angeles, ONLINE! (IMG 0)

See a Medical Marijuana Doctor in Los Angeles, ONLINE! (IMG 0)

As I briefly mentioned above, NuggMD’s online 420 doctor platform is changing the way medical marijuana patients get their recommendations approved. Finding a reliable doctor out there in the wild, and then taking the time to make the trip and wait around for your appointment can be a total hassle and waste of time.


And unlike the “get-approved-quick” shams lined up and down Venice boardwalk, NuggMD assures you’ll be connected with a licensed medical professional. Assuming you meet the qualifications, all you’ll need is access to an internet-connected to device to complete the process.


The first step will be to fill out paperwork (online), just like you would for any other medical consultation. Keep in mind that NuggMD takes your privacy very seriously, and keeps all personal information confidential and secure using a HIPAA compliant, encrypted database.


It’s especially important to note how strictly this service takes privacy, as many physical doctor locations (like the 420 Evaluations in Oakland, or the one in San Jose) have been rumored to be rather floozy with their record-keeping.


Next up, you’ll have the option to purchase a wallet-sized medical marijuana ID card to go along with your standard recommendation forms. Please note that this medical marijuana ID card is an optional extra, and that all dispensaries require you to bring in your 8 ½ x 11” full-sized recommendation letter upon your first visit.


Once you’ve chosen which package you want, you’ll be asked to upload either just a photo of your U.S. identification, or that along with a headshot photo of your face that will be printed on your ID card.


After filling out the required medical paperwork, selecting what cards to purchase, and uploading your photo identification(s), you’re ready for the next step: your medical marijuana evaluation.


The doctor’s evaluation itself is a quick 5-10 minute conversation and examination which includes a phone call or video chat with the doctor about your existing symptoms and conditions, medical history, and how medical cannabis may be a viable alternative treatment option compared to what you’re already trying.


Each doctor associated with NuggMD is licensed by the California medical board, friendly, and incredibly knowledgeable on the medical applications of cannabis and how it can be used to treat your ailments, which makes the online process far superior to the arduous, uncertain process of completing your evaluation in-person.

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What Happens After You’re Approved?