See a Medical Marijuana Doctor in Los Angeles, ONLINE! (IMG 0)

See a Medical Marijuana Doctor in Los Angeles, ONLINE! (IMG 0)

Walla! Soon after your doctor approves your recommendation, you’ll get a temporary PDF copy of your recommendation via email, that you can print out and use immediately.


Keep in mind though, most Los Angeles medical marijuana dispensaries will require you official paper copy upon your first visit, so if you print out your temporary copy, just be sure to call ahead first and confirm the dispensary will accept you.


3-5 business days after your evaluation, you’ll receive an official recommendation letter in the mail that is signed by the doctor himself, comes with a raised embossed seal (required by most dispensaries and delivery services in Los Angeles), and is valid for 12 months. It’ll also come with your patient ID card if you chose to purchase it.


After 12 months, you’ll need to renew your medical marijuana card and recommendation.


Now, with your doctor’s recommendation and medical marijuana card, you’re granted legal access walk into storefront marijuana dispensaries or to order online through delivery marketplaces like


Plus, if you use NuggMD to complete your MMJ evaluation, you’ll be instantly credited $20 for your first delivery order on Nugg!


Choose from hundreds of products -- anything from thc oil cartridges to cannabis ointments and rubs (and obviously flowers & edibles) -- and enjoy doorstep delivery in about an hour!

In case you have further questions about how the online vs. in-person process works, there are plenty of resources on the web describing how to get a weed card online.