See a Medical Marijuana Doctor in Los Angeles, ONLINE! (IMG 2)

See a Medical Marijuana Doctor in Los Angeles, ONLINE! (IMG 2)

Despite the fact that marijuana was made legal for recreational use in California with the passage of Proposition 64, having a medical marijuana card is still currently the easiest and most reliable way for patients to quickly access the cannabis medicine they need.


In fact, it’s the only way to purchase medical cannabis in Los Angeles or anywhere else in California, at least until recreational dispensary licenses are issued beginning January 2018.


This may change in the future as legislations become clearer and more recreational cannabis establishments pop up, but for now dispensaries still ask for a doctor’s recommendation.


Back in 1996, California voters legitimized medical marijuana by passing Prop 215, and granted doctors the option to issue qualified patients “recommendations” for the medical use of cannabis.


But due to marijuana’s status as an illegal (Schedule I) drug with our federal government, medical practitioners aren’t technically able to “prescribe” cannabis directly to their patients.


Thus, doctors must “recommend” their patients use medical marijuana for treatment by giving them a signed and seal-embossed document explaining the nature of their qualifying condition and recommended treatment.


Marijuana recommendations go by many other names, some more misleading than others: a medical marijuana card, weed license, prop 215 card, cannabis recommendation (or “rec”), or MMID. Really, what you’re getting is a licensed physician’s consent for you to access the medical marijuana you need.


Only California-issued recommendation cards will be accepted at California dispensaries. Cards or recommendations from other states will not grant you access to Los Angeles dispensaries.

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On the flip side however, it is true that some other states (like Nevada) may accept California-issued medical marijuana cards as legitimate proof of access to medical marijuana.

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