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A New Frontier: CBD for Pets

Cannabis can do many amazing things; so many that more are being discovered all the time. This is not only true when it comes to humans, but animals as well. In fact, it was long assumed that cannabis could do nothing for pets and was even harmful to them. And while it’s true that THC can be toxic to some pets at certain levels, there is still a lot the cannabis plant can do for your pet.

New Weed Identification App - WEEnus


WEEd Notification User applicationS or WEEnus is a smartphone application ready to revolutionize the cannabis industry forever. Primed for launch in the U.S. on April 20th this year (cannabis' informal public holiday), WEEnus has had rave reviews in cannabis heavy markets such as Bangkok and Amsterdam. 

Attorney General Announces Upcoming Shift in Marijuana Banking Policy

The federal government is catching up with Colorado when it comes to financial policy surrounding marijuana. As of now, federal regulations against money laundering have prevented banks from servicing legal weed businesses in Colorado, forcing them to deal in cash and opening them up to issues with theft, income tax, and overly militarized security. However, Attorney General Eric Holder said that new regulations will be issued that allow banks to service state-sanctioned marijuana businesses.

New Hampshire House Votes To Legalize

The New Hampshire House of Representatives voted to approve a bill that would make it legal to sell weed to adults 21 and over and regulate the market as they do for alcohol. The bill must still pass in the house one more time and then the state senate before marijuana is actually legalized in New Hampshire, but hey, this is a big step in the right direction, and the majority of New Hampshire residents agree.


Colo. Pot Prosecutions Plummet As Weed War Ends

Well, it looks like that day is finally here! Let us meddling kids get medicated and leave us alone. Hopefully officers of the law everywhere will have more time to pursue more pressing matters. Trust us when we say we never wanted to be in your way.

Marijuana Overdose Hoax Claiming 37 Dead in Colorado Fools Millions

You had to know this was coming! I could not stop laughing. Those of us who are truly acquainted with our herbal female friend know she could never and would never harm us in such a way. I remember my first overdose on weed... I fell asleep laughing and woke up smiling.


Why Smoking Pot Makes Me a Better Mom

This article really made sense to me. One of the biggest fears surrounding the use of Cannabis has always been the children. Not only the delinquent, bored-to-death high school drop-outs (Jenelle from Teen Mom) who give all marijuana users a bad name, but the babies and young children of Cannabis users. 
This insight from one such person tells it from the parents side. I urge you to read the full article in link provided below.

Legal Weed's Obamacare Moment

Lines, lines, lines. Looks like we passed the law, now our government needs to catch up! All this red tape lawmakers are having legal marijuana distributers jump through in Colorado is sure to create a line at the counters. As if we needed anything else to keep us from our most favorite pastime of the year! There simply aren't enough storefronts opening for the demand, and everyone will feel the pressure.


The Emerald Cup 2013: Outdoor Organic Marijuana Competition

Santa Rosa hosted the 10th annual Emerald Cup this weekend where more than 250 entries of organic, outdoor flower were sampled and judged by a team of experts. Check out the winners here and read about the heavily attended contest. Even Jefferson Starship was there!


Top 10 Flowers:

1 - Darin’s Lemon Skunk - DNA Lemon Skunk Clone

Colorado Ski Resorts Against Weed, "Bummer, Man..."

There's nothing in this world quite like carving through fresh powder like a warm knife through butter. Put a couple of puffs in the air to keep the demons at bay, then press play on your new mix and off you go. It's poetic to be out there; man and nature in pure bliss. But how are our friends at Colorado's ski resorts not sharing this same fantasy? Well, I'm sure we can respect their wishes...

The Majority Of Americans Support Drug Testing Congress

When it comes to drug testing, the majority of both political parties support testing Congress, while more Republicans want to test people receiving government benefits, such as welfare. Here at TheNug, we think Congress could use more politicians who appreciate weed, so leave 'em alone with the drug tests. Now if the test excluded marijuana, I know I'd be interested to see which representatives are having a little too much fun up on Capitol Hill.


Pesticides Can Transfer Through Marijuana Smoke

A new study states that pesticides on pot can transfer into your body when you smoke, and that more than 35% of marijuana from dispensaries failed pesticide tests. This study confirms that we need better quality regulations in the cannabis industry to keep both the people and plants healthy.


Why Does Weed Help You Sleep?

Everyone who's ever smoked knows marijuana can help you sleep--it can even help you pass out on the couch with your hand in a bag of Doritos--but a new study has come out that goes into detail as to why.


Ibuprofen May Decrease Weed-Related Memory Loss

A new study says that over-the-counter painkillers may decrease some of marijuana's side effects that have kept it from being taken seriously in the medical world: memory loss and learning problems. I wish I had known this back in college.


"Too stoned to remember why you walked into the kitchen? Try popping an Advil.

Falcons RB Jason Snelling Arrested for Marijuana Possession

We find out another NFL player smokes weed and the world collectively gasps. While stories of football players getting busted on possession of marijuana are becoming more and more common, what's fun about this one is that one officer insinuated Snelling pulled a Super Troopers and tried to eat his weed. I wonder if the shnozberries tasted like shnozberries...


Fewer People Are Testing Positive For Marijuana

The number of people testing positive for marijuana in work-administered drug tests has decreased by one-third in the last 10 years. Whether this is a natural occurrence or the product of more people figuring out how to trick the test remains to be seen, but either way, the numbers will aid marijuana reform advocates in their arguments.

Thanks To Sam Hurd, Dallas Cowboys Smoked Cali's Finest

During Sam Hurd's heyday as an NFL wide receiver and marijuana supplier to his Dallas Cowboys teammates, he says he was a cannabis connoisseur who only smoked "the loudest weed in California". Unfortunately for Hurd, we doubt he's getting much of that Cali green in his prison cell in Texas. 

Lady Gaga Stops Smoking Weed, Says She's "Addicted"

Lady Gaga says she's finally approaching sobriety after a "brain-numbing" addiction to marijuana. Her life became a cycle of "sleep, sing, smoke", and while that doesn't sound so bad to us here at TheNug, good for Gaga for knowing her limits.


"Lady Gaga says she is now the "soberest" she's been in the last five years -- and by that she means she is no longer smoking 15 joints a day.

Pot And Beer Come Together

Were you under the impression that the beer and cannabis industries don't get along? Well, think again. As a connoisseur of both, I am certainly glad to see everyone playing nice.


Pot For Your Pet!

By David Downs - 10/31/13 Two veterinarians and an MIT entrepreneur are selling pet health supplements made from the second most common active ingredient in marijuana, cannabidiol (CBD), they announced Monday.

Breaking News! Women Are Being Objectified!

Glancing at the majority of media content created by the cannabis industry, you would think that weed grows out of a woman’s ass. Images of nearly naked women strategically covered by pot leaves drastically outnumber articles comparing the merits of one strain to another or the health risks of smoking. But rather than writing this off as the inevitable result of an industry comprised of misogynists, I think we’re merely witnessing a growing counterculture going through the phases of mainstreaming.

Where the Hell Is Uruguay Again?!

I wonder if I can trade in those plane tickets to Hawaii I just bought... Anybody else wana go?  

Uruguay Will Sell Legal Marijuana For $1 Per Gram, Official Says


Pro-Marijuana Ads on Portland Buses Draw Fire

An anti-drug group targeted toward youths in Portland, Oregon, is protesting ads on public buses that feature photos of adults explaining why they prefer weed over alcohol in support of an upcoming ballot question seeking to legalize recreational marijuana use. We say keep Portland weird and let the campaign run, it's not like kids walking down the street don't see recreational marijuana use firsthand, might as well hear people's reasons for smoking. And hey, ever heard of free speech?


Why The NFL Should Let Players Smoke Pot

Smoking pot in sports has long been a heated debate, with the naysayers winning for the better part of my memory. Tim Lincecum took the San Francisco Giants to a World Series championship higher than a motherf*&ker for heaven's sake, and now that he has been fined and forced to quit...

Help Wanted: Celebrities Needed in the Fight for Weed

This weed-loving blogger has a bone to pick with celebrity smokers who do nothing for the cause of legalization. Using your celebrity to get out of a possesion charge is great for you, but what about the everyday person who has no national recognition to fall back on?

California Medical Marijuana Regulations Are Back in AB 604

Energized by a White House memo that allows Colorado and Washington to tax and regulate legal pot, California lawmakers are making a last-ditch effort this week to toughen the state’s medical marijuana regulations and hopefully end the almost two year-long federal crackdown on state-legal medi-pot business. Assemblyman Tom Ammiano (D-San Francisco) gutted and amended a bill (AB 604) Friday so that it would help clarify California’s opaque medical marijuana rules.

Google Supports Medical Marijuana?

Google gave a $240,000 grant to a medical marijuana organization in Michigan. The company, Michigan Compassion, is the first marijuana-related organization to receive money from Google, but will not be the last... At least not in legalized states.

Science Confirms It, Pot Makes You Skinny

It turns out that all those late-night munchies don't make you fat after all.  Weed is actually "good" for you. Duh... We knew that already.  But now science has confirmed it.  

A recent study from the University of Nebraska, the Harvard School of Public Health, and Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center followed 4,600 adults to test the concept that weed makes you fat. Study participants were tested for various measures of blood sugar, including fasting insulin and glucose levels, insulin resistance, cholesterol levels, and waist circumference...

TheNugLine: The Business of Pot

Weed-related articles are ubiqitous now, popping up on mainstream sites and in mainstream print publications on a daily basis.  

It is undeniable, the business of pot is here to stay.  

So, while TheNug's primary objective is to focus on the everyday experiences of weed, and women, we sometimes like to keep you informed on business-related items.  

Here are a few nugs you might be interested in.


Little Bang for the Buck

What: Pax Vaporizer by Ploom

Cost: $249.99

With the mobile vaporizer market growing like a towering 10 foot plant of some premium Mary Jane, we decided to see what all of the fuss was about and picked up a Pax Portable Vaporizer by Ploom. One of the hottest vaporizers on the market, Pax comes with quite a reputation so we were excited to get our hands, or lips, on a new product from the ever evolving mobile vaporizer market.

About the Product

Is Dabbing Getting Out of Hand?

Thanks to "Dabbing," It Is Possible to Overdose on Marijuana

By Chris Roberts, SF Weekly.

"Marijuana is perfectly safe" is one of the marijuana legalization movement's most widely accepted (and most important) truisms.

Comical estimations of what would constitute a "lethal dose" -- such as orally consuming more marijuana than the stomach can physically hold -- lead to the also-accepted truism that it's impossible to overdose on marijuana.

That may not be true.

Pot Tourism Blooms in Colorado

Following the legalization of weed in Colorado, a company called My 420 Tours is offering tours of the Rocky Mountain State centered around cannabis to celebrate our favorite holiday, April 20th. The tours include marijuana-themed events, seminars, cooking classes, and concerts and hooks participants up with weed-friendly hotels. Sign us up!

7 Key Questions on Marijuana Legalization

In this article Beau Kilmer (USA Today) explains some of the more basic overall concerns that will have to be delved into very deeply if pot is to attain its freedom once again.

Top 10 Strains of 2012

Smell The Truth Media, a blog published by Hearst Media and has published a list of the top 10 strains of 2012. Have a look and tell us what you think.  Was your favorite strain included or not?  And what about concentrates ... where is that list?  Maybe we should start one of our own.  What do you think?  Leave your comments below.

Smell The Truth: Top 10 Strains of 2012

Americans Favor Legalizing Use of Marijuana

It's official: most Americans think that weed should be legal. This article provides the numbers and possible reasons for the shift that's happened in the last few years. We'll try not to take all the credit.

A majority of Americans now say marijuana should be made legal, with far fewer viewing it as a gateway to harder drugs or as morally wrong, according to a poll released Thursday by the Pew Research Center.

TheNugLine: This Week In Weed

Fighting Drug Addiction With Marijuana: [ABCNEWS] For decades, Colombia has been searching for ways to treat people who are addicted to basuco, the nation's version of crack cocaine. Now, the country's capital, Bogota, is considering a new approach: transition users to marijuana.