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Why Smoking Pot Makes Me a Better Mom

This article really made sense to me. One of the biggest fears surrounding the use of Cannabis has always been the children. Not only the delinquent, bored-to-death high school drop-outs (Jenelle from Teen Mom) who give all marijuana users a bad name, but the babies and young children of Cannabis users. 
This insight from one such person tells it from the parents side. I urge you to read the full article in link provided below.

Breaking News! Women Are Being Objectified!

Glancing at the majority of media content created by the cannabis industry, you would think that weed grows out of a woman’s ass. Images of nearly naked women strategically covered by pot leaves drastically outnumber articles comparing the merits of one strain to another or the health risks of smoking. But rather than writing this off as the inevitable result of an industry comprised of misogynists, I think we’re merely witnessing a growing counterculture going through the phases of mainstreaming.